Friday, July 22, 2016

#cyberPD Week 3- Chapters 5 and 6

I have loved reading DIY Literacy and being part of the conversation here at #cyberPD! A family vacation and a lot of different professional commitments have led to this late posting this week. I decided to try to sum up Chapter 5 and 6 with a six word memoir for each:

Chapter 5: Tools help personalize learning for students.

Chapter 6: Make tools cool, not Pinterest perfect.

I love the message in this book: "Do it yourself- so they can do it themselves." I look forward to catching up on all the other posts for this week! 


  1. Very concise! You followed the book's less is more message!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I like the concise summary for chapter 5 & 6. I am excited for the new school year to start implementing all of my new learning.

  3. Your 6 word memoirs are so powerful... this is something I need to have my students try! What a great way to determine importance!

  4. Ha! Love this post. Six word memoirs can be very significant and powerful. Thank you for this reminder!