Saturday, January 9, 2016


Oh, my poor abandoned book blog. It's not that I haven't been reading. I've been starting a lot of books...finishing a couple...but life and teaching and other commitments and more have interrupted my reading life. I'm embarking on the 40 Book Challenge with my third graders and I need to really step up my personal reading if I'm going to meet that goal.  Carrie Gelson is a teacher blogger I deeply admire and her site is a place where I frequently find inspiration. When I saw that she was running this #MustReadin2016 challenge, I decided it was just what I needed to reboot my reading life!

There are many professional books I've purchased, started reading, and loved, but haven't finished. One of my goals is to thoroughly read and reflect on those books. There are also many children's literature books (mostly middle grade, some earlier, some YA) that I have on my list as well. I added a couple of books I want to read for personal reasons or for my book club. I saw some other bloggers were picking 36 and while that number is daunting, I'm going for it! :)

Here are my professional books that I #MustReadin2016 (11 books):

I am also going to add Stacey Shubitz's forthcoming book Craft Moves to my list! It is being published later this year.  

Personal choices I #MustReadin2016 (3): 

Children's Literature I #MustReadin2016 (22):

Thank you Carrie for creating this challenge! I hope to use this blog more often to update my progress and share the books I've read from this list. 


  1. I am so excited that you joined us! I see some amazing titles on your list. You have also challenged me to really get to so many of those professional books that I have only half read. I am reading Untamed now as it is a Cybils finalist. Tree of Wonder is fantastic!

  2. Great list! I have several of those professional literature books too. I should've put those on my list too!

  3. You have some definite middle grade winners on your list! I just finished Crenshaw this morning - so powerful! I can personally recommend moving Crenshaw, Echo, All the Answers, Tangle of Knots, and Marvels to the top of your TBR pile...Enjoy!

  4. I hear you on life getting in the way of reading! I hope you are able to find your groove again.
    I hope you love Crenshaw, The Bear Ate Your Sandwich, Growing Up Pedro, Rain Reign, One for the Murphys, Out of My Mind, Flora & Ulysses, Won Ton, and Forest Has a Song. I did :)
    I also really want to read Echo, All the Answers, Lost in the Sun, A Tangle of Knots, Honest Truth (on my list too!), Booked (also on my list!), and Marvels (another overlap!).
    I don't have PD books on my list, but maybe I need to make a separate #mustread list for professional books because I really need to step up my game.
    Happy reading!