Saturday, May 16, 2015

#Bookaday Begins! 5/16

Summer vacation is still a month and change away but Memorial Day is inching ever so close, signifying the unofficial start of summer! I've decided to start the summer #bookaday challenge a little early, which follows my impatient nature when it comes to waiting for holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations. Can you really go wrong reading MORE books? I think not!

Starting off the challenge with Kate Messner's How to Read a Story, which just arrived in the mail yesterday! The blurb says, "Kate Messner's and Mark Siegel brilliantly chronicle the process of becoming a reader..." I like the simplicity and how it is broken into steps such as "choose a book" and "find a reading partner." For younger students, I think this book would be a perfect way to introduce reading workshop.  For my third graders, I envision using this book to talk about what their reading advice would be- do they recommend finding a special spot to read? Do they enjoy talking with friends about their books?

I can see this being a great mentor text for young writers in a "how to" writing unit. This book would also be good to re read when discussing reading strategies like predicting, solving for unknown words, and reading with expression. 


  1. I loved this book! I can see it being read in reading workshop classrooms everywhere this fall, right?