Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Green Apple #bookaday 5/19

 "Laughs sound the same at home. Just the same. So do sneezes and belches and lots of things. It's the words that are strange.  But soon I will know their words.  I will blend with the others the way my apple blended with the cider." 

My class is reading books with the lens of finding and discussing social issues.  Eve Bunting's books are perfect for this unit.  Yesterday, we read Yard Sale and had powerful conversations about what you really need to be happy.  I am planning on reading aloud One Green Apple to them today, which is told from the point of view of a student new to America, learning English.  I think this book could be a great addition to our school-wide character education program where we select a book that matches a character trait.  Empathy and courage are two traits that stand out to me in this book.  

Reading One Green Apple after Yard Sale, I am thinking an Eve Bunting author study would be a great way to explore symbolism, social issues, and how the different illustrators Eve pairs with creates tone in the books.  

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