Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cloudette #bookaday 5/26

I might be cheating a little, as Cloudette is not new to me.  I've owned it for a while and read it to my class when I taught kindergarten.  Now, as a third grade teacher, I reread Cloudette today with the lens of what third graders can bring to a text like this.  We are studying the water cycle and weather, which is partly why I pulled out Cloudette.  There are some examples of figurative language, content vocabulary (precipitation) and the story fits in well with our May character trait of Perseverance.  There are also great examples of writer's craft to study in this book such as the intentional use of "and" to start a sentence and a close echo ("Cloudette was a cloud. A very small cloud.")I am looking forward to reading it to my class tomorrow! 

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