Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sky Color #bookaday July 25th

Sky Color is part of the Creatrilogy by Peter Reynolds, also including the books Ish and The Dot.  Each book is excellent as a stand alone, but together, they drive home the message that we are all unique and don't need to worry about coloring in the lines or making something "perfect."  In Sky Color, Marisol doesn't have any blue paint and worries how she will be able to paint the sky in her class mural.  By paying attention to the colors of the sky as she heads home, she sees all the colors that the sky can be! Her painting of the sky includes many different shades and colors.  

Reading Sky Color, Ish, and The Dot to my new third graders and then discussing the central message of each book would lead to a great discussion on the work we create this year.  I especially like the idea of pairing Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Litchtenheld's Exclamation Mark with The Dot because they both talk about making your mark on the world.  Ish and Sky Color remind us that there is no one perfect way to do something and the freedom to make something "ish" lets you start and try without becoming stuck and paralyzed by fear.  These lessons are important for all of us to remember- teachers too! :) 

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