Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Cozy Book #bookaday July 4th

I've always loved Mary Ann Hoberman's book A House is a House For Me and often read it when I taught kindergarten.  The Cozy Book was one of the books I inherited when I moved to third grade and it was in a basket all year, unread. Today I read it and LOVE this book!

I am someone who adores being cozy.  Really. If it involves being uncomfortable, I am not a fan.  This book appeals to all things cozy and begins, "When you wake up bright and early, in your roasty toasty bed, with your covers wrapped around you and your pillow on your head, and you peek out at the morning, that's a cozy kind of way to begin the cozy doings of a very cozy day."  As you can tell, the book is told in rhyme.  It goes through cozy things to eat ("Chicken soup with spots of yellow, creamed tomato red and rosy- cozy cozy cozy cozy"), cozy games to play, cozy smells, cozy sounds, cozy places, cozy people, cozy feelings inside you, and cozy-sounding words.    

This book can inspire many ideas for writing.  There are many words and phrases to save and savor and I can imagine putting several of them up on a board reserved for "wondrous words." ("Scrambled eggs stirred soft and sunny"; "Whipped-up frothy orange Jell-O", "Snap of dry leaf underfoot" are some examples of phrases I loved). 

I love all the ways Hoberman captured the feeling of being cozy through all her examples.  The book left me with happy, warm, fuzzy, cozy feelings! 
(Happy 4th of July to all!)

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